After the Pause is an experimental online literary journal, based in Indianapolis, IN (with strong ties to other parts of the Midwest), and published quarterly. The magazine was active from 2014-2022. We also ran a small press called a…p press for a number of years during our run.

We featured experimental poetry, flash fiction, visual poetry, and visual art from new, emerging, and veteran writers. In addition to our online magazine, we published annual print anthologies for the first three years of our operation.

Find informational interviews with our founding editor at these wonderful places:



Six Questions For…

We believe art and writing are born from life experience: the terrible, the traumatic, the happy, the wondrous, the completely mundane. From the worst tragedy to the most blissful joy, we think art is an incredible byproduct of everything that happens. Life throws pauses at us; art follows the pause.

Everyone has a voice worthy of being heard and everyone has something worth saying. We welcome diversity of every variety.

We want freshness, engagement, vitality. We want words and stories that are real, gritty, outlandish, linguistically beautiful, meaningful, etc. We love ideas and invention, taking risks with form, being experimental. Above all, we want things that make us think and stick with us.

Hit us up with any questions, comments, concerns, and submissions here: afterthepause@gmail.com

Book Review Department

After the Pause has taken pride in providing space for book reviews of indie presses and authors. Find all of the reviews we have produced over at our Book Reviews section. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting unsolicited requests for book reviews at this time.

Social Media

Twitter @afterthepause

Facebook: www.facebook.com/afterthepause

Issuu: issuu.com/afterthepause


We’ve been fortunate to be able to partner with a variety of journals, artists, and creators as we build a community of literary endeavors. Please visit them as well!

The Brown Orient

New Poetry

Debora’s Pen: Fun Cartoons About Writing (Subscribe to their free newsletter!)

Debora's Pen - Verbolatry - Devyani Borade

W. Jack Savage (artist)

Maggie Chiang (artist)

Founding Editor

Michael Prihoda is a poet and editor, born and living in the Midwest.
Listed at Duotrope

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