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a…p press is currently on hiatus. In the meantime, please consider submitting work to the journal.

a…p Press is the independent, small press imprint of After the Pause literary magazine. Our aesthetics and vision match that of the magazine, with all proceeds from book sales going to charity.

We look to publish full-length collections of experimental poetry and flash fiction from the most exciting writers. We don’t care if you’ve published five books or zero books. We want to look at your wildest, craziest, most experimental pieces of writing. If you want more of an idea of the sort of work we love, check out the back issues of our literary magazine or order copies of our published books.

Visit our books page for a listing of our published titles.

Send all submissions to afterthepause@gmail.com

Submission Guidelines

We accept unsolicited manuscripts and read year-round. There is no reading fee for submissions.

We accept manuscripts of poetry, flash fiction, visual poetry, experimental poetry, or any combination thereof. Manuscripts must be at least 50 pages to be considered for publication. Send submissions as a doc, docx, or pdf attachment along with a cover letter to afterthepause@gmail.com

In your cover letter, please include the thrust of the project, the page length, and any other details you think we ought to know.

We aim to respond within one month.

Publishing Policies

We value authors and work closely with our authors through every step of the publishing process. Authors will have input on cover design, layout, and promotion of their book.

Since we are a small, nonprofit press, we use Lulu (a print-on-demand service). In light of this, authors receive no complimentary copies.

All proceeds from book sales get donated to a charity organization, meaning authors receive no royalties. Selected authors receive the privilege of helping choose what charity their book’s profits go toward supporting. If making profits from your art is more important than supporting charities with your art, then we aren’t the publisher for you.

Book Reviewers

If you would like to review any of our published books, please query us at afterthepause@gmail.com so that we can provide you with digital/physical copies.

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