Fall 2019


Grace Alvino is a queer writer, a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Virginia, and an unabashed Kroger enthusiast.

Shannon Austin is a poet from Baltimore, MD, who loves poutine and claw machines.

Jake Bartman is the pen name of Jacob Thomas Bartman (1992-), a writer living in Santa Fe, NM.

Kika Dorsey is the author of three books of poetry: Beside Herself (Flutter Press, 2010), Rust, and Coming Up for Air (Word Tech Editions 2016, 2018).

Sabrina Gaskill is a psychotherapist and teacher who lives in rural New Mexico and makes experimental text-visual work.

Marissa Glover is a writer who dreams of wide-open spaces and tweets @_MarissaGlover_.

Peter Grandbois is the author of ten books, the most recent of which is the novel, half-burnt.

Michael Hammerle is a writer from Gainesville, Florida.

L.R. Harvey is a seeker of the mystery.

WDH aka William D. Hicks is a writer/artist who creates in Chicago and whose work appears in numerous magazines.

Danielle Kotrla is currently an MFA candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University whose work can be found in The Pinch, Pidgeonholes, and others.

Jane Rosenberg LaForge is a mom, wife, poet-memoirist-novelist-person, and a cat lady.

Edward Lee is an artist from Ireland whose painting and photography have been widely published and exhibited.

Avery Kit Malone is an academic researcher, admirer of cats, and perennial insomniac.

Paul Robert Mullen is a poet, musician, and sociable loner from Liverpool, U.K, who is widely published across the world.

The adventures of Daniel Naman can be found on Instagram @danbo88 while more of his work can be located in Eunoia Review and Piker Press.

Fabrice Poussin does not consider himself a photographer or a poet; he merely takes photos and shares his writing with all who might want to get another view of the world.

Jason D. Ramsey lives halfway between Detroit and Chicago where he writes and serves as the publisher/executive editor for Barren Magazine and Barren Press.

Vicky Sharples is looking for clues.

Martin Stannard is English and is the holder of three diplomas in cynicism: Cynicism for Beginners, Everyday Cynicism, and Advanced Cynicism.

Eric Stiefel is a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio University.

Jessica Wang is a poetry enthusiast who could (probably) pass off as a raccoon.

John Sibley Williams is the author of four poetry collections, most recently As One Fire Consumes Another (Orison Poetry Prize, 2019) and Skin Memory (Backwaters Prize, University of Nebraska Press, 2019).

Timothy Wojcik is a literary agent and Pushcart-nominated writer living in Queens, NY.

Jeffrey Zable has amassed a fortune in emotional debt.

Featured Contributor

John L. Stanizzi is author of Ecstasy Among Ghosts, Sleepwalking, Dance Against the Wall, After the Bell, Hallelujah Time!, High Tide – Ebb Tide, Four Bits, and Chants. Sundowning will be out this year with Main Street Rag. John’s poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, American Life in Poetry, The New York Quarterly, and many others. John has read at venues all over New England, and for years he coordinated the Fresh Voices Poetry Competition at Hill-Stead Museum. He teaches for the national recitation contest Poetry Out Loud. A former New England Poet of the Year, John teaches at Manchester Community College in Connecticut and lives with his wife, Carol, in Coventry.


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