Summer 2019


Cindy is a high school student in California who likes writing poetry and staring at the sky.

Helen Armstrong is a queer writer with a disproportionate fear of butterflies, and you can follow her @hkawrites for more such fear-related content.

Cath Barton is a writer who lives in Wales, which is not part of England.

Michelle Brooks is the author of Pretty in A Hard Way which will be published by Finishing Line Press in September 2019.

Ed Coonce

Lindsey Doyen is an emerging writer hailing from Essexville, Michigan.

Kate Garrett is a grungy glitter elf who writes, edits, and gets up to witchery while raising five bright and noisy children.

Steve Gergley is a writer and runner based in Warwick, NY.

Deborah Guzzi is a poet who wishes to be seen as a contributor to a universal solution, not the problem.

Babo Kamel is being read to by a tiny golden rabbit in a very big chair.

Jacob M. Hall is a PhD student at Texas Tech University and has recent prose out at The Forge Literary Magazine and Columbia College Literary Review.

Heikki Huotari is a connected subset of the here and now.

Sean Lynch is a working-class poet who lives in South Philly.

Ania Mroczek is in the mountains, working on her debut novel.

Robert Okaji is a question seeking answers.

Chelsea Stickle prefers plants and animals to people.

Richard Weaver is a volunteer with the Maryland Book Bank, CityLit Festival, and the Baltimore Book Festival; he is the author of The Stars Undone (Duende Press).

Molly Williams will begin her MFA at the Michener Center for Writers in fall 2019; in the meantime, you can find her at the nearest coffee shop.

Zachariah Claypole White is an award-winning poet and singer-songwriter currently living in Chapel Hill, NC.

Samuel Wronoski was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to mixed reviews. His work can be found in a file labeled ‘documents.

Jim Zola is a poet and photographer living in North Carolina.


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