Spring 2019


Charley Barnes is a poet, author and lecturer who drinks far too much tea.

M. Eileen is writing near water.

Erik Fuhrer is a gemini who can be found at http://www.erik-fuhrer.com.

Steven Genise is a writer based in Seattle whose work has appeared in Natural Bridge, Soft Cartel, and was shortlisted for Epiphany’s Best Under 30 Award.

Jessica Hagy is a Pacific Northwest artist best known fro her webcomic Indexed and her books How to be Interesting and The Art of War Visualized.

Caylie Herrmann is, among other things, a poet in Spokane, Washington.

Robert P. Kaye is a fiction writer from Seattle with a website at http://www.RobertPKaye.com

Kate LaDew is the nicest person in the room and if you don’t believe that you can go to hell.

Marya Layth is a writer from New Jersey whose poetry is forthcoming or published in Riggwelter Press, Capsule Books, Introspective Collective, and more.

Lucas Peel is a long echo currently living in Aiea, Hawaii.

C.C. Russell is a bag of cats roughly in the shape of a man.

Kelly R. Samuels is still bookish and opinionated.

Jerrod Schwarz teaches creative writing at the University of Tampa and edits poetry for Driftwood Press.

Tyler Thier is an adjunct professor and freelance film critic residing in Brooklyn and reveling in “bad movie” nights with his friends.

Mark Vogel teaches at Appalachian State University and lives at the back of a Blue Ridge holler with his wife, Susan Weinberg, an accomplished fiction and creative non-fiction writer.

Edward Wells is just out front of the dark, forward tip of the crest of preponderance.

Samuel Wronoski is roughly human shaped to within a few standard deviations of the mean and writes poems.


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