Winter 2018

“Lear Machine”, a piece of interactive poetry from Mike Corrao. Click on the title to see the machine in action.



Mai Al-Nakib is associate professor of comparative literature at Kuwait University and author of The Hidden Light of Objects.

Jordan Anderson grew up in Portland, Oregon; his writing has appeared or will appear in Ink In Thirds, World Literature Today, and Music & Literature.

Paolo Bicchieri is an ethnically ambiguous journalist, author, and poet. His work can be found in formercactus, Headway Literary, Sprudge, and other places, too. He is optimistic about national politics and likes singing Elton John.

Austin Davis is a widely published poet from Arizona whose most recent book, Second Civl War, was released in September from Moran Press.

Brandon Thomas DiSabatino is author of the poetry collection, “6 weeks of white castle /n rust,” whose work for the theater has appeared in Cincinnati and NYC.

Rainier Harris is a high school sophomore from New York City.

Milla van der Have is a Dutch native writing in English.

Jenny Liu is a high school student from Westchester, New York whose work was recently recognized by the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards; her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly, Eunoia Review, Watershed Review, The Manhattanville Review, and elsewhere.

Rupert Loydell is an artist and poet who lives and works in Cornwall.

William Lychack is a work in progress.

Brianna McNish is a fiction writer and student studying American literature and creative writing in Connecticut.

Daniel Olivieri is doing his best, or something close to it.

Darrell Petska is a Middleton, Wisconsin writer and emeritus editor, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

C.C. Russell is an apple fallen far from the tree.

Kaylie Saidin is a writer living in New Orleans.

Fabio Sassi is a visual artist living in Bologna, Italy.

Marvin Shackelford is a man come from the hills and hollows, bearing a sackful of polyhedral dice.

Cathryn Shea sneaks time to watch a covey of quails scratch in the dirt when she’s not writing poetry.

Emmy Song is a junior at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland.


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