After the Pause Year 3

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After the Pause Y/3 collects the best poetry, flash fiction, and literary ephemera from the past four issues of the quarterly magazine, ranging from Winter 2016 to Fall 2017. a…p’s third print anthology contains work from a venerable collection of international writers, both new to the magazine alongside some old stalwarts. After the Pause aims to feature the freshest, zaniest voices of new and old talent alike, and they believe they’ve achieved that once again here.

All contributors to our third annual anthology appear below in order of appearance.

Cover Art

Oscar Towe is buried in the soil of rural England; his textures can be found at


Winter 2016

Christina Dalcher lives in the land of Styron and barbecue, which is to say the extreme northern part of the American South.

Simon Pinkerton is a big, stupid jerk from London, UK, who loves to be found on Twitter @simonpinkerton and writes super funny or just MEGA AWESOME short fiction and humor for cool magazines.

Al Ortolani’s newest collection of poems, Paper Birds Don’t Fly, was released in 2016 from New York Quarterly Books; his poetry and reviews have appeared in journals such as Rattle, Prairie Schooner, and New Letters.

Allie Long is an economics and English double major at the University of Virginia.

Charlie Baylis is a figment of your imagination.

Domenic Scopa is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee and 2014 recipient of the Robert K. Johnson Poetry Prize.

Erika Mortimer is a senior literature major at Ohio Northern University, who doubles as the poetry editor for Polaris Literary Magazine and is especially bad a writing witty bios.

Evan Gray is a writer from the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

Steven Chung lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has poetry published or forthcoming in Glass, Potomac Review, Kweli, and more.

Monica Rico is a Mexican American feminist.


Spring 2017

Sarah Stock is a student at Carroll University in Wisconsin.

Alexander James is an amateur writer, one currently stuck in London traffic.

Ben Fitton is a copywriter and has been agonising over this sentence for far too long.

Peter Grandbois is the author of seven previous books and teaches at Denison University in Ohio.

Patrick Kelling is a writer from Colorado.

Brendan Walsh is on that grind.

Stephanie Kaylor is a writer, daydreamer, and forever student based in the Northeast, where she’s likely hibernating under a majestic pile of blankets at this time.

Heikki Huotari is one of three mathematicians who, each unknown to the others, invented/discovered the totally tubular convex set and explored its role in the study of metric geometry.

Olivia Mira-Hu is a published poet and Editor-In-Chief of Venus Magazine.

Jane Craven lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and has worked in corporate systems development and as the director of a contemporary art museum.

James Hartman is currently living in Michigan with his wife.

Kate Thomas


Summer 2017

Chris Drabick is listening to records.

Amber D. Tran is a poet and novelist living in the Madison, AL area.

Mike Ferguson is an American residing and writing in the UK.

Edward Wells II is not a nom de guerre of Shia LaBeouf.

Sam Mills is a writer from Berkshire, who recently published a short story collection called ‘Nightmares’. He is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Jake Bauer is from Michigan.

Leah Brand is studying English and Art History at the University of Florida.

Erin Jamieson is an MFA candidate at Miami University; her fiction has appeared in Flash Frontier.

Hayden Bunker is a Vermont-based writer pursuing an MSt in English Language at the University of Edinburgh.

Monique Kluczykowski is a poet, non-fiction writer, and dog-rescuer who lives in Iowa City.

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky is a widely published poet, winner of the Blue Light Poetry Award, and a worried citizen.

Ryan Favata is a Florida native whose work has appeared in One Throne Magazine, Ricochet, Red River Review, Syzygy, Eunoia Review, After the Pause and others.

Mark DiFruscio is currently pursuing his PhD at Oklahoma State University, and his previously published work has appeared in The San Diego Reader, Dime Show Review, pacificREVIEW, Fiction International and Crack the Spine.


Fall 2017

Rebecca Titus is paying attention.

Jeanette Beebe is a poet and journalist: her poems have appeared in Crab Creek Review, Delaware Poetry Review, Nat Brut, Rogue Agent, and Tinderbox, and her reporting is regularly broadcast on WHYY, the NPR station in Philadelphia.

Amanda Gaines is currently a MFA candidate at West Virginia University’s creative writing and co-editor of Into The Void.

Chris Vanjonack is sure your aunt will understand if we provide her ample notice.

J.D. Kotzman is a health policy analyst/aspiring author living in the state of disbelief Washington, D.C., area with his girlfriend and two pugs, Grendel and Ginger.

Louise Robertson is self-conscious, but cool when you get past all that.

Nicole Mason is a writer and teacher out of South Bend, Indiana.

Darren C. Demaree is out of pie.

Douglas Collura is the author of the book, Things I Can Fit My Whole Head Into, and was nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize.

Daniel W. Thompson works as a city planner in Richmond, VA, where he lives with his wife and daughters, cleaning up diapers and dog fur.

Garrett De Temple is right behind you.


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