After the Pause Year 2

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After the Pause Year 2 is packed to the bursting point with poetry, flash fiction, and literary ephemera from over thirty international artists. Featuring a cover from the brilliantly talented Maggie Chiang and the wildly inventive Intermission section readers of the first anthology will recall, this collection captures the 2015-2016 journey of After the Pause and its readers.

Authors: below is a list of the authors who appear in this collection, ordered chronologically according to the issue they appeared in and the order they appear in throughout the anthology.

Winter 2015

Alex H. Stone

Neil Fulwood

Annabel Banks

Paul Fauteux

Meredith Meadows

Megan Dobkin

Christina Villafana Dalcher

Matthew Manning

Jennifer Martelli

David Villaverde

Lisa M. Cole


Spring 2016

Chris Crew

Alyssa Yankwitt

Samantha Madway

Jason Sears

Jon Riccio

Jeff Burt

Laurin DeChae

Melanie Faith


Summer 2016

Merran Jones

Logan Seidl

Lilian Vercauteren

Michael Albright

Nick Roth

Charles Park

Jackson Sabbagh

John Manuel Arias

Elizabeth Forsyth

Carter Vance


Fall 2016

Liz Hogan

Timothy Kercher

Carl Boon

Faye Goodwin

Travis Englefield

Megan Merchant

Jackson Holbert

Anthony Zick

Eric Cline


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