Three Pioneers


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Page Count: 218

2013: An unhinged researcher into U.S. ‘black sites’ struggles to remember what he is doing at the wheel of his speeding car: his estranged wife and a person he cannot recognize are unconscious in the seats behind him.

1839: A failed explorer obsessed with a famous rival sets out into Australia’s uncharted deserts, wagering the lives of his few remaining followers in his last bad bet for fame.

Near future: A former child prodigy prepares for his cryonic preservation, deliriously anticipating the celebrations that will greet him on his resurrection.

Praise for Three Pioneers

“Reminds me favourably of Voltaire’s Candide… interminably humorous.” –John Ridland, author of Epitome & Epiphany: An Abstract and an Afterpiece, 2017

“Bolin resurrects and reanimates the questions about the nature of storytelling, memory and history that are a mainstay of Coetzee’s early fiction and of work by Coetzee’s influences Samuel Beckett, Vladimir Nabokov and Jorge Luis Borges.” –Review 31

Featured on on May 19-20.

About the Author

John Samuel Bolin was born in Oakland in 1979. He studied at the College of Creative Studies and the University of Oxford, where he was Lecturer in English. The recipient of numerous awards for his critical writing, he teaches in the literature program at University of Exeter. This is his first work of fiction.



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