The Nineteen Steps Between Us

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In The Nineteen Steps Between Us Darren C. Demaree yet again dazzles the literary intellect with his depthless exploration of human relationship, connection, and the transcendent community notable in any dyad. Through language that holds utmost beauty for its starkness on the page, Demaree guides the reader through nineteen cycles of poetry to once more move readers beyond the molten landscape of the earth to something extraterrestrial, something beyond the human that, without words, might never be touched at all. Here, he constructs a book with a voice to feel in every aspect of the body.

Praise and Reviews:

Review from Gainsayer

Review from Former People

Review from Pittsburgh Poetry Review.

Darren C.  Demaree has given us nineteen long slim poems that act as our steps toward understanding and change. Positive in its vision and truth saying, these clear lines touch the reader like hands. It reminds me of Kenneth Patchen’s lines, “This book is reading you.” “Close this book and go do something really nice to someone.” Boldly Demarre enters our zone with the skill of a surgeon and the love of a brother. “I move/  because I can see/ that even the shards/ of a person in front of me/ can be an pearl/  in my own desert.” This is a welcome gift made double by knowing that  proceeds are going to the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.’ –Larry Smith, poet and publisher (Bottom Dog Press)

‘The Nineteen Steps Between Us is filled with tensile lines fraught with pressure.  Each new section is a welcome surprise. “…I want to frame/you in this world/and only because that will allow/me to raise you higher/than I am right now” bespeaks his elevating words to the reader.  I highly recommend this book.’ — Noelle Kocot, author of Soul in Space
‘Darren C. Demaree pays attention—there’s no better way to say it—and his latest collection, The Nineteen Steps Between Us, puts his mindfulness on glorious display. His intimate poems explore the interplay of body, space, and an object-filled world that disrupts both. There is a hint of Alberto Giacometti in this work, an electricity that crackles across the distances between foot and sidewalk, parent and child, “you /& I … on this street / for a reason.” Demaree will leave you breathless, shocked, and tingling, and you’ll love every second.’ — T.A. Noonan, author of Petticoat Government, The Bone Folders, and four sparks fall: a novella

About the Author: Darren C. Demaree is from Mount Vernon, Ohio. He is a graduate of The College of Wooster and Miami University. He is the recipient of six Pushcart Prize nominations. Outside of his own poetry, Darren is the founding editor of AltOhio and Ovenbird Poetry, as well the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology. Currently, he is living and writing in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and children. The Nineteen Steps Between Us is his fifth collection of poetry.


Note:  All proceeds from the sale of this book support Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.


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