The Wind in a Seashell

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wind in a seashell cover

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Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 100

An introduction to the text by the author:

“A windy seashell/ Murmurs in the sand’s ears/ Slowly the secret”

After shoveling through my poetry to establish a title, reading and re-reading it in order to find a singular connection between the several poems, I found reflective links. These are the links that emerge when one reflects. They are the general small truths that are most common to me and somehow find their way into my poetry. These are like the links between the shifting rays of the sun (streaming in effortlessly) and the window. The window is an opening that allows sight and wind. It is visual, olfactory and kinesthetic. The window creates reflex, reaction, but also response. One can actually stand at the window and perceive. Sensation is the first effect but perception is a leap that comes thereafter when one has been standing there for some time. The window and the sun are not static and are forever changing. They have a history and future. They both look on and what they look on changes. The shifting and the waning face of a setting sun collaborates with the dark and hidden concreteness of an inward night that readily allows penetration but allows expression to come only in a veiled or camouflaged form. This book’s poetry is a chameleon of sorts—a multi-pigmented being, a cold hibernating organism, clinging to wood and leaf till it is itself no more and changes—a geo-morph and climato-morph. Biology and geography come synched through paint and pigment.

About the Author: Mohineet Kaur Boparai has published three books of poetry. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice. She has been widely published internationally and her poetry has appeared in Phantom Drift, Zymbol, Lindenwood Review, South Asian Ensemble and Nether Magazine. In December, 2014 Zymbol Magazine published her interview which they titled, “India’s Rising Star.”

Her poetry is surrealist- a confluence of the inherent and the overt. It unleashes the unconscious mind in a visually saturated form where she draws on images from disciplines as far-flung as geography and biology. She is 30, a new diaspora in Toronto but resides in India where she is an Assistant Professor in DAV University, Jalandhar. She is a mother, fashionista, introvert and self-proclaimed connoisseur of interior decoration. Website:


Note: Proceeds from this book go to support the Alumni Association at Government College for Girls, Patiala.


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