After the Pause Year 1

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year 1 cover full

After the Pause Year 1 is the first print anthology from a…p press, featuring work from the first year of After the Pause’s online magazine. Encompassing issues ranging from Winter 2014 to Fall 2015, the anthology features work from 69 artists from around the globe. Including poetry and flash fiction, this vibrant, diverse collection also features an Intermission section mixed with the literary selections, wherein readers are prompted to make their copy unique by interacting with the text in tangible ways. For ideas of what this might be like, check out Keri Smith.

All proceeds from the sale of the anthology support To Write Love on Her Arms.

The full list of contributors appears below. We encourage you to look them up and see what else they’ve done and are doing. They are wonderful people and writers.

–Winter 2014–

Daniel von der Embse

Ryan Favata

Richard King Perkins III

Steven Prihoda

A.N. Irvano

Rodney Nelson

Sarah Edwards

Joyce Chong

Christina Murphy

Kayla Pongrac

Nolan Liebert

Steven Kapela

William Doreski

Mitchell Grabois

Nate Aeilts

Robert Gross

Bob Carlton

Kevin Heaton

–Spring 2015–

Katie Lewington

Sophie Johnson

Andrew Condouris

Erin Vance

Sagnik Datta

Jennifer Moore

Briane Pagel

John Wells

Louise Robertson

Ben Nardolilli

Aaron Simm

Adam Tedesco

Sarah Clare

Ward Abel

Corey Cook

Fabio Fernandes

Shinjini Bhattacharjee

Gwendolyn Kiste

John Grey

–Summer 2015–

Carol Shillibeer

Kate Busatto

Jeff Dupuis

Donald Welch

Nic E. Turiano

C.C. Russell

John Abbott

Melissa Burton

Tyler Kline

Zoë Koenig

Jerrod Bohn

Alex Luft

Chloe Clark

Racheal Walser

Cynthia Sample

Nyoka Eden

Heather Mydosh

Howie Good

Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena

–Fall 2015– 

Tommy Dean

Courtney Gustafson

Domenic Scopa

Peter Mason

Meggie Royer

Salem Dockery

Alexis Groulx

Diane Gillette

Robert Gregory

Glen Armstrong

Anuradha Bhowmik

Emily Alexander

Jessica Robinson


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